Butterfly and Slide Valves
Butterfly Valves in Aluminium 100 - 300 mm Butterfly Valves in Aluminium 350-400 mm Black foam gaskets Pipe and socks in rubber and manual controls Pneumatic actuators and accessories Solenoid valves and micro boxes Two-way Diverter Valves Slide valves with...
  Circular Silos
CIRCULAR SILOS SM SERIES - ST SP CALITEC cement silos are available in diameters from 2500 to 9500 mm, with the storage capacity from 23 to 1350 m3, making them suitable for the storage needs of concrete of both the small installation as the big cement factory....
  Dust Collectors
cartridge filter, FGS series Accessories and spare parts for filters FGS Filter Maxair-24 Accessories and spare parts for filter Maxair-24 vibration Filter, FGV series Accessories and spare parts for filters FGV Filter Minidust
  Tubular Screw
The tubular screw CALITEC CTS series are available in a wide range of capacities and sizes. Designed primarily for the cement, they are nevertheless suitable for the transport of other building materials in powder or granules, normally used in systems such as: lime,...