Drybeton100s SAMICA Srl (TE)
Supply of plant Drybeton 6 compartments with a total capacity of 160 cubic meters, load and distribution system of aggregates. Production capacity 100 mc / h, cycles of 12 mc.
Revamping CO.GE.FO. SRL
Revamphing plant dry / wet. Additional supply of mixer to the existing plant with reviewing storage tanks, jets aggregates extraction, switchboards and automation.
DB 100.5.150. MODULAR
Adding components to existing systems
Supply DryBeton 100 + BetonWash 25
Plant Drybeton 100 with 5 compartments with a capacity of 160 cubic meters, output per hour 100 mc / h with cycles of 12 mc. Installation required by the system load existing aggregates. 25 BetonWash version underground.
Adding mixer to dry plant
Added group mixing with MSO 4500 Mixer with diverter to the dry plant . The required term is avoid displacement of existing plant structures
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