The company
  Cal.i.Tec. srl, founded by the now ten-year experience of its director, Rag. Franco Calì, working in the field of revamping and selling plants for the production of asphalt and concrete, combining automation and control systems suit to any type of plant.

Cal.i.Tec. Srl. sells equipment and technology in concrete and asphalt sector, using a group of companies and professionals with experience and expertise that can ensure the design, construction, installation and servicing of standard equipment or specifically designed, even for recycling. Plus it's owner of the software "AsphaltWIN" for asphalt automation systems.

Our business is to make or modify the plants, bringing innovation in production processes and dosage, where a little control, as well as compromising productivity, it also has a significant impact on quality of materials and manufacturing cost.

The products we offer:

- Fixed or mobile plants, for producing both dry and pre-mixed concrete
- Fixed or mobile plants, for the production of mixed concrete
- Automation "BetonWIN" for new or used concrete plants
- Fixed or mobile plants , for the production of asphalt
- Fixed installations for the preparation and re-use of milled asphalt made both in hot and cold way
- Automation "AsphaltWIN" for new and used asphalt plants
- Fixed plant selection and dehydration of coal
- Stationary or mobile "thermal desorber" plant for the decontamination of soils and sludges
- “Revamping" in concrete plants at both pre-packaged or prefabricated
- "Revamping" in continuous and discontinuous asphalt plants

Companies and professional group of Cal.i.Tec. Srl are:

Engineering: SIGMA
Manufacturer of equipment for asphalt production, both fixed and mobile. Manager and Project Manager, Eng. Giorgio Sartori, more than twenty years of experience in mechanical and hydraulic applications, has adopted new techniques to control systems in processes for heating and drying, optimizing energy consumption and improving the control system combustion.

Automation: Meccanizzazioni Moderne e Sistemi srl
Manager and Project Manager Dr. Francesco Amato, with over twenty years of experience in software applications and automation systems for dispensing and packaging the concrete, asphalt, mortar and industrial products, providing maximum control over the staging and production data.

Electronics: Saiem srl
The company specializing in control panels and sensors, in the field of concrete, asphalt, industrial and ceramics.

The professionalism of the group, putting at your service, with the aim to obtain your complete satisfaction.